The Anita Mattei Pure Bio Care skincare line is born from a love of nature and an understanding of science.

The skincare products are exclusive and innovative; they are 100% natural and entirely Made in Italy.
The products all have their base in BIOAGRICERT certified organic hazelnut oil and have been created and studied personally by Dr. Anita Mattei, a biologist, nutritionist and specialist in food sciences. She combined her knowledge of dermatological science with a passion for hazelnuts – a passion which has been with her since childhood, as the daughter and grand-daughter of hazelnut producers.

Bio Hazelnut Oil bioagricert Certified

Hazelnut oil is one of the least known, yet most potent of oils for skincare. The particular lipid form in hazelnut oil enables it to hydrate and purify all skin types, even those which tend to be oily or acne-prone, as it has strong antioxidant and remineralising properties. The Bioagricert certified organic hazelnut oil utilised in the cosmetics line pure bio care is produced by cold pressing the nuts. The highly prized variety ‘Tonda Gentile Romana‘ is used in order to create a very high quality base oil.


The Anita Mattei products are made with natural ingredients and they do not contain paraffin, petroleum, vaseline, mineral oils, parabens, silicone or pigments. The packaging is entirely eco-compatible and respects the environment. The products are not tested on animals.


This skincare line has been created from organically sourced hazelnuts. The hazelnut oil used in the product is organic, certified and 100% Made in Italy, a true innovation in the field of high quality cosmetics.


Choosing Anita Mattei products not only means choosing a better way of life, but also being aware of using products which protect our skin while ensuring a minimal impact on the world around us. The evolution of cosmetics and personal care is characterised by naturalness and by an attention to well-being and beauty.

Everything you can imagine, nature has already created


From the earth to the laboratory, we have taken a long and stimulating professional path to create organic and wholesome products.

Dr. Mattei personally takes care of all stages of the processing of the hazelnuts used in her products and in the formulation of her cosmetics, scrupulously selecting the quality of all raw materials. The products have passed all rigorous dermatological and microbiological tests, obtaining the required certification in accordance with the law.

A line of products rich in active ingredients

In each product, in addition to the precious cold-pressed organic ‘Tonda Gentile Romana’ hazelnut oil, we include other high quality vegetable oils and fats such as cetiol, sensoft, argan oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. All products have different fragrances deriving exclusively from essential oils. The abundance of active ingredients, from the extracts of ginko biloba, centella asiatica, ivy, calendula, to vitamins (C and E), and also bisabolol, panthenol, caffeine and escin, give the products efficacy and biological security as well as being a real luxury for our skin.